Hotel Information

The hotels below are offering specials rates to us. To book a bedroom by e-mail write in the subject the following code: MATH2019.


In the body of the message do not forget to inform the type of bedroom you want, that is: a single or couple bedroom, in standard or superior types. See more details below.


All hotels are located closed to the university, more or less, 20 minutes walking distance (or, 5 minute by car).


The hotels rates are below and it includes all fees and the breakfast. However, lunch and dinner are not included in the rates.

  1. IBIS Hotel – Jardim da Penha (contact: Ms. Fernanda, e-mail:


  • single standard bedroom around R$153,00-Brazilian currency (around US$ 41.00); couple standard bedroom around R$ 174,00 Brazilian currency (around US$ 47.00).

   2. BRISTOL Hotel - Alameda (contact: Mr. Marciano, e-mail:


  • single superior R$ 167,00 – Brazilian currency (around US$ 46.00); couple superior R$ 188,00 – Brazilian currency (around US$ 51.00).


If you want to share a double/triple bedroom with other participants, please contact Leandro/Thiago from organizing committee by e-mail.

Further information about the rates, please, contact the hotels in the e-mail link provided above. 

Map with main location of the event

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